Professional Studio Taping

When you coach your on-camera auditions with Elizabeth, not only will be receive her professional guidance on your scene, your character and your performance, but you’ll also be recording your self-tape auditions in her professional taping studio, complete with top-of-the-line equipment including:

  • iPhoneX camera
  • Blue, vibrant backdrop
  • 3-point studio cowboy lighting
  • Ring light
  • High-quality sound via lapel microphone
  • High-resolution raw footage file

We also have the ability to edit a self tape that you create at home and upload it directly to the portal that you are submitting to.

Professional, high quality self-tapes

“I had such an amazing experience today doing a self tape with Elizabeth! Her knowledge and experience as a very talented, working actress combined with coaching helped me focus and clean up the little technical things I would have overlooked at a typical self tape studio. My agent loved everything about the tape!”

Lance, Long-time Client